I Love You, Man! - Oh Cool, Bruh

What happens when a man calls another man, a stranger, and says "I love you?" In this episode, we have success!! We called two different places. Did they both pan out? Check it out!

I Love You, Man! - BBQ Love

Who doesn't love delicious barbeque?!! And who doesn't love LOVE? In this episode of "I Love You, Man," we call BBQ restaurants to say I love you and see if we get the love back! Check out the reaction of one very enthusiastic man who had a ton of love to give!!

I Love You, Man! - You're Welcome

Could you possibly imagine your spouse telling you they love you... and your response being "you're welcome?!" It happened on this episode of "I Love You, Man!" Marc calls strangers, men, and says "I love you, man" in hopes of getting the love back! See what happens when we take on mechanics!!

I Love You, Man! - Bowling Strikes

We've been in quite an "I Love You, Man!" drought! What happens when Marc calls a stranger, a man, and says "I love you?" Will he say it back? We've struck out lately. Will we find love at the bowling alley?

I Love You, Man! - "Gotta Go!"

OMG!! We've been in a little love slump lately! We've struggled to get a man to say "I love you, too." Will the taxidermists save the day? Check out the latest episode of "I Love You, Man!"

I Love You, Man! - "Te Amo, Hombre!"

Today is a special edition of "I Love You, Man!" for Cinco de Mayo. We wanted to find out whether or not the guys at Mexican restaurants have any love to give back. Turns out, mmmmmmm not so mucho. Check out this hilarious episode!

I Love You, Man! "I Would If I Knew You"

In this episode of I Love You Man, Marc calls up a sleepy restaurant worker. Will he get the "I love you, too?" Plus! We have a first... a kinda sorta "Love you, too!" Check out what happens when we call random men to spread the love!