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Willie Nelson's Hilarious Video For "Still Not Dead"

Willie is the man. Period. Admittedly I was worried when I heard he was cancelling a bunch of his Vegas shows. I'd never seen him perform live and his show at the Florida Strawberry Festival was just a few weeks away. But fortunately, as Willie Nelson sings in this song, he's still not dead.

Billy Currington's Favorite Moment At His Concerts

When you've been on the road as long as Billy Currington has, the routine of a concert can probably get a little monotonous. But Billy says there's one moment that's definitely his favorite. "My favorite moment is definitely the last song," he tells Taste of Country. Billy says "Good Directions" is usually the song of…

Big Congrats To Kane Brown

I usually leave this kind of gossipy type stuff to June and Veronica, but congrats to QYK Guitar Pull artist Kane Brown. He announced on stage this past week he's ...