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Marc's Wife Falls For An Internet Hoax

Internet hoaxes can get to even the best of us. Marc's wife, Melissa, fell hard for the latest social media rumor that Sylvester Stallone, yep "Rocky," had died after a well-hidden bout of cancer. We tried to explain it wasn't true. Kinda... This reminded Marc of the time, ten years ago, that Melissa mistook Russia's…
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Disney Movie Plot Theater - Alternate World Escape

Each week, we read the plot of a classic Disney movie in dramatic fashion. Tons of die-hard Disney fans correctly guess which movie we're describing. This week though? Only TWO people got this one right. Most people guessed "Meet The Robinsons," but it wasn't quite that movie. Take a listen. Can you guess it?
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Facebook Fights! - The Cats Meow

Sometimes people go to Facebook for comfort from their friends. In this case, a couple is distraught when they can't find their cat. One of their good "friends" doesn't have much sympathy. Check out this Facebook Fight sent to us by one of our fans! Got drama? See drama? Screenshot it & send it to…
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(Almost) Locked Up Abroad Over Windchimes

Sometimes you just never know what might set off detectors when you're traveling from a foreign country. Marc traveled back from Nicaragua this weekend and was nearly detained thanks to a wind chime his grandmother gave him as a gift. He's not alone! Our fans shared stories of the strange reasons they were pulled aside…
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