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QYK Throwback: Back To School

With today marking the day most kids head back to school in the Tampa Bay Area, we thought we'd share some of our favorite throwback photos of the QYK gang. Happy First Day of School from Marc, Veronica & Kevin! Can you match the favorite school subject to each of us? One of us loves…

Disney Movie Plot Theater - Recluse & Trespasser!

Can you identify this classic Disney movie based on the dramatic reading of its plot? This week's episode is truly a classic movie... but juuuuust a little tricky to identify for some people. It kinda sounds like it could be "Shrek." (But that's actually NOT a Disney film...) Check it out!!
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Marc's Daughters Talk About Their First Day Of School

Like many families across the Tampa Bay area, Marc and his wife Melissa are sending their little ones off to their first day of school. Their daughters, Charlie and Austyn, gave us a little insight about how they were feeling on their way to class this morning! Charlie is entering the first grade and Austyn…
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V's Top 3 Headlines : Moscow Mules Can Poison You!

Top trender this morning! School is back in session!! Obviously SLOW DOWN in school zones. Also, keep an eye out for even more children walking and on bikes, since Hillsborough County has done away with courtesy busing for those who live within two miles of the school.   2. Are you a fan of drinking…

Help Find The Person Who Dumped A Dog In Tampa

A man in Tampa captured this video on a dash cam; it's of someone dumping a dog in the middle of the street in Seminole Heights. Check out the post below. Please call animal control at 813-744-5660 if you have any information!   So this sorry piece of shit, thought he was going to throw…