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Charlie Daniels Takes On The Taco Belluminati

During the College Football Championship game, country legend Charlie Daniels sent out a random tweet to Taco Bell warning them against their new ad campaign. Fans were probably not surprised by his reaction, since we pretty much know him for being suuuuper into his country!! Check out the hilariousness... Hey Taco BellThe Illuminati is not…

Facebook Fights! - Mom Is Popular With The Ex

Do you see drama on Facebook? LOL of course we all do. We're taking the best Facebook fights we see and act them out in the same dramatic fashion you read online! In this week's episode, a mom joins Facebook to quickly find out that her son was not so nice to his ex girlfriend...…
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What Happened To Marc After Buying Cryptocurrency

Before we left for Christmas vacation, Marc became interested (cough cough OBSESSED cough cough) with cryptocurrency. If you're not familiar, it's online currency like bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum. A lot of people are buying in big, hoping to make a lot of money in a short amount of time. Here's where Marc's investment is now....…
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