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Kevin's Olympic Taste Test Trivia Challenge

Out of all of us on the show, Kevin has been watching the most Winter Olympics coverage. Today, Veronica challenged him to some Olympic trivia with the consequence being tasting delicacies from South Korea. Kevin’s Olympic Trivia Taste Test995qyk.com Posted by 99.5 QYK on Friday, February 16, 2018

Tweets With Buckwheat - Valentines Scorned

People are celebrating Valentine's Day this week. Well, maybe not everyone... We found the funniest tweets from people who don't exactly love Valentine's Day, and our friend Buckwheat reads them! Buckwheat is co-host of the hilarious afternoon drive show "The Nuthouse" on our sister station Wild 94.1
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Coworkers Who Get Too Personal About Borrowing Your Stuff

Sometimes when your coworkers feel comfortable with you, they start getting a little too close for comfort. Veronica and Kevin both had instances where a coworker wanted to use something of theirs that would be considered a "personal" item. If you think that's bad, check out some of the strange things our fans have asked…
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Facebook Fights! - Valentine's Day Single Girl

A single girl lamenting on Valentine's Day is the perfect scenario for drama on Facebook. When her ex boyfriend chimes in, it gets epic. Our fans sent us this great screenshot of a Facebook fight and we acted it out on the air! Got drama? See drama? Screenshot it & send it to us!! [email protected]
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Surprise Cupid : Where Are They Now? -Reed

Remember last Valentine's Day? We ambushed some unsuspecting people in a "Surprise Cupid." Their friends nominated them for a surprise visit and serenade from us and musician Noel Rochford. We met Reed, a single dude working at an accounting office. His friends described him as the office prankster. A great guy who was having a…
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