Secret Sound Guesses

Each weekday, the Secret Sound will play at 7a, 9a, noon, 3pm and 5pm.  Caller #9 to 1-800-992-1099 will get their shot at guessing the Secret Sound!

Round 3 for $15,000!!!

Guess #1 - "Sitting in a movie theater drinking a soda from a straw and the drink is almost empty"  - Callie from Tampa
Guess #2 - "Opening a bag of frozen raviolis and dumping them into a pot of water on the stove" - Lisa from Seffner
Guess #3 - "Marbles being rolled across a hardwood table" - Tiffany in Tampa
Guess #4 - "A storm rolling in" - Britney from Pinellas Park
Guess #5 - "Pouring nails out onto a table" - Kayla in St. Petersburg
Guess #6 - "The tide coming in at Fort DeSoto Beach" - John from Spring Hill
Guess #7 - "Somebody getting a nice beverage at Shepherd’s by the beach" - Patti from Tampa
Guess #8 - "Pouring peanuts into a bowl sliding it across the bar at the Stockyard" - Ashley in Hudson
Guess #9 - "Somebody eating a bag of potato chips in abowling alley" - Cheryl from St. Petersburg
Guess #10 - "Smoking" - Gus in Madeira Beach
Guess #11 - "Cadillac Jack at the Stockyard bringing in the sound equipment" - Lisa from Seffner
Guess #12 - "A door" - Cathy from Tampa
Guess #13 - "A roller coaster at Disney World" Christina from New Port Richey
Guess #14 - "Riding Stanley falls flume ride at Busch Gardens" - Frank from Lakeland
Guess #15 - "Getting a margarita made at the tiki hut at Shepherd's" - Corine in Clearwater
Guess #16 - "A soda machine inside of a store that fills up your cup with soda and ice" - Michelle from Wesley Chapel
Guess #17 - "Pouring out golf tee’s you got at Top Golf into your Ferg’s Beer Yard" - Melissa from Holiday
Guess #19 - "A cooler filled with bottled water being filled with ice at an ice house on the way to the beach" - Ashley from Hudson
Guess #20 - "A bottle of water being crunched" - Ken from Riverview
Guess #21 - "Swimming with the fishes at the Florida Aquarium" - Frank in Lakeland
Guess #22 - "Rolling a golf ball, off a pool float, into a milk jug, at the Don Cesar" - Kevin from Pinellas Park
Guess #23 - "Taking the last sip of a drink and waves on the beach" - Brittany from Sarasota
Guess #24 - "Opening a can of mangoes with a mechanical can opener while pouring a can of good wood beer into a plastic cup" - Tory in Tampa

Guess #25 - "Cracking open a coconut on the beach and the waves rolling in" - Colin from Tampa
Guess #26 - "A squirrel cracking open a nut" - Dylan in Plant City

Guess #27 - "A corn plucking machine that goes threw a cornfield and the corn stalks cracking" - Cliff from Brandon
Guess #28 - "Winding a nutcracker toy while its cracking open a nut" - Tori from Tampa
Guess #29 - "Rolling a skate board into a room and then dropping peanuts on top of it" - Craig from Winter Haven
Guess #30 - "June opening a rolled oatmeal bar" - Helen from Hudson
Guess #31 - "A deck of cards falling into chicken feed" - Brandon in Land O' Lakes
Guess #32 - "Eating coconut shrimp at Woody’s Waterfront, listening to the ocean waves while wearing my QYK Neon T-Shirt" - Frank from Lakeland
Guess #33 - "Pouring QYK guitar picks into a beer mug while at Ferg’s Sports Bar on the patio while hearing the waves crash on the beach" - Deanne from Brandon
Guess #34 - "Enjoying a drink at the Tropics Beach Bar while opening a CD from QYK" - Curt from Tampa
Guess #35 - "Cracking open a coconut and the water splashing in a QYK souvenir cup from the Amphitheater" - Rebecca from Tampa

Guess #36 - "Somebody throwing a bowling ball over nuts wrapped in a QYK t-shirt" Pam in Temple Terrrace

Guess #37 - "Veronica on the beach, rolling a nut onto a guitar, into a QYK cup" - Teresa from St. Pete

Guess #38 - "Veronica on a kayak, on a beach, pouring an almond from a QYK cup down a guitar and it falls into the hole of the guitar" - Susan from St. Pete

Guess #39 - "Cadillac jack on the beach at tradewinds pouring almonds from a lighted QYK souvenir mug on top of a guitar" - Dana from Spring Hill

Guess #40 - "Rolling an amplifier on the deck of the tiki bar at Tradewinds resort before the music plays and pulling a watermelon out of the ice cooler" - Cheryl in St. Petersburg

Guess #41 - "Somebody on the beach at the Tradewinds with a drink in a QYK cup snacking on some nuts while playing guitar" - Rachel from Lakeland

Guess #42 - "Plucking a guitar string and pouring nuts out of a QYK cup onto a guitar as the waves roll in at the Tradewinds Island resort on St. Pete Beach" - Andrea from Seffner

Guess #43 - "Cadillac Jack at Clover Leaf Lanes rolling a bowling ball smashing a bag of peanuts and shooting them into a QYK cup." - Debbie from New Port Richey

Guess #44 - "Someone pouring peanut shells into a Styrofoam cup inside a QYK koozie sitting at beach at Tradewinds hotel listening to a guitar player." - Tina from Clearwater

Guess #45 - "Veronica pouring peanuts out of a QYK cup on to a guitar at the Tradewinds beach" - Wanda from Clearwater
Guess #46 - "Marc from QYK pouring peanuts out of a QYK souvenir mug onto a guitar while sitting on the beach at Tradewinds resort" - Sarah in Spring Hill

Guess #47 - "Rolling peanuts into a QYK Guitar Pull souvenir cup while at Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach" - Carin from Clearwater

Guess #48 - "Opening a can of nuts and rolling them off a guitar at Pass-a-Grille beach" - Frank from Lakeland

Guess #49 - "Pouring almonds out of a QYK cup onto a guitar on Pass-a-Grille beach" - Wanda from Clearwater

Guess #50 - "Pouring almonds out of a QYK cup down a Guitar Pull flyer at Pass-a-Grille beach" - Linda from Seffner
Guess #51 - "The QYK cup with peanuts in it being poured into a guitar on Pass-A-Grille beach" - Rod in Tampa

Guess #52 - "Pouring almonds into a QYK Guitar Pull Souvenir Cup that is sitting on a guitar on Pass-a-Grille beach"

Congratulations to Dorothy from Riverview for winning $15,000!!!!


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