Salute to Service

Each weekday morning at 6:05, we'll honor our community heroes with the Salute to Service! It's your opportunity to give a shout out to someone you know who serves in the military, law enforcement, fire and rescue, emergency dispatch, teachers... anyone who is an unsung hero in your eyes.


You can send us your Salute to Service any time, 24 hours a day with our dedicated service line. Simply leave us a voicemail message and we will play that message on the air!

Here's the number: 727-563-8947

Ideas About What To Include In Your Service Salute:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Mention who you are saluting (Name, Job, and how you know the person)
  • Talk a little about what they do/did to deserve the salute, possible accolades, maybe a quick funny story
  • You can also mention why you're proud of them


Tune in weekday mornings at 6:05 for the Salute to Service, brought to you by Geico!

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