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I Love You, Man! - "iluhutooo"

Who knew the transportation industry has no love?!?! See what happens when Marc calls different men and says "I Love You." Will they say it back? Not a whole lotta love from truck stops. But see what happens when a guys picks up the phone at a hobby shop!!

OK With A Robot Delivering Your Food?

I'm a tech nerd. I love gadgets. But this kind of creeps me out. It looks like a scene from Back to the Future. Robots are now being used in a few states to make deliveries. Watch this video. According to the report, the cameras inside take thousands of images every second to navigate around…

2017 Bucs Schedule

Two nationally televised games, including one with Super Bowl Champions the New England Patriots and a season opener in Miami against the Dolphins. That's what's on tap for the Bucs.

Ben and Jerry's Introduces The "CHILLaco"

Ben and Jerry's CHILL-aco offers a delish crunchy waffle cone taco surrounded by a soft waffle cone wrap with a layer of warm caramel in between the two Waffle cones. Add in there a topping of fudge drizzle and cookie crumbs. The CHILL-aco is available at participating Scoop Shops on 4/20 for a limited time.