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Store Clerk Attacked By Florida Man Armed With A Hot Dog

Yup, it's another one of those #OnlyInFlorida stories. This time we head to Marion County where video shows an incident at a gas station near Gainesville. A guy on probation wanted some beer. When the clerk refused, Cavan McDaniel went on the offensive ... yes, with hot dogs. And yes, lucky you, there's video. Source:…

4 Reasons To Binge 'Santa Clarita Diet' ASAP

Drew Barrymore celebrates her birthday today (February 22), and if you really wanted to honor her in some way, you should start by checking out her starring turn in the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet, whose second season premieres March 23.  

Tampa Bay Might Have One Last Cool Spell Left

As a transplant who spent far too many winters in New England, it kind of blows my mind I'm actually looking forward to a little more cool weather before the heat and humidity set up shop for the next 8 months. Just goes to show how weirdly warm it's been lately I guess. But Denis…