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Helium Movie Review - Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Veronica enjoys checking out brand new movies. This week the sequel to the first Kingsman movie is released. This one features Channing Tatum dressed as a cowboy!! She talks about the flick.......... on helium. Helium Movie Review - "Kingsman: The Golden Circle."Veronica gives her opinion of the film while on helium! Posted by Marc &…

Geno Ruins Hurricane Irma

I'm sorry. With all the social media stuff about sandbag locations, lines at gas stations, spaghetti models, empty water shelves... I need to deal with Hurricane Irma in my own way. By making dumb jokes on Twitter.

Jo Dee Messina Reveals Her Cancer Diagnosis

Jo Dee Messina has shared with fans that she has been diagnosed with cancer. No specifics were given, but her representative said it's a been a "trying summer" and that they are working closely with her medical team to "explore all options."