Living The QYK Life

Troy Gentry's Last Performance In Tampa

Today would have been Troy's 51st birthday but he was taken from us far too soon. I was fortunate to host their performance in Tampa in December of 2016, which would be their last here in the Bay. I found this clip someone shot with their cell phone. We're thinking of you today Troy! -Geno

Best Breakfast Invention Since Pancakes

Pancakes with breakfast cereal mixed in! This video popped up in my Facebook feed tonight and if I wasn't in the studio, I'd be making it right now. This is BRILLIANT! I've gotta try this tomorrow. How has this never crossed anyone's mind to try before? Take some cereal and mix it in your pancake…

Tortuga Music Festival Stage Times

It'll be another big party on Fort Lauderdale Beach next weekend as Eric Church, Florida Georgia Line, Keith Urban and Snoop Dogg... yes, Snoop Dogg... headline this year's Tortuga Music Festival. I've been to a couple of these and it's something you definitely need to do once. The concerts are literally on the beach. The…