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Latest Irma Casualty: The Gators Home Opener

First, they moved kickoff up in hopes that the game could be played before Irma causes havoc in Florida. Now, they've just called the Florida Gators home opener against Northern Colorado off altogether. They can't reschedule because...

Geno Ruins Hurricane Irma

I'm sorry. With all the social media stuff about sandbag locations, lines at gas stations, spaghetti models, empty water shelves... I need to deal with Hurricane Irma in my own way. By making dumb jokes on Twitter.

Jo Dee Messina Reveals Her Cancer Diagnosis

Jo Dee Messina has shared with fans that she has been diagnosed with cancer. No specifics were given, but her representative said it's a been a "trying summer" and that they are working closely with her medical team to "explore all options."

The Chick-fil-A Menu Item That Disappears At The End Of This Month

Why is it that it's always on a Sunday when I want Chick-fil-A? I've always said some enterprising kid should ditch the lemonade and buy up all the remaining food Saturday night and open a Chick-fil-A stand on Sunday in the parking lot.

But enough about that. You want to know what's disappearing from the menu? Gotta be honest. This one won't effect me.

Changes To Reduce Wrong Way Drivers In Tampa Bay

I've never lived anywhere where this is such a problem like it is in Tampa Bay. I've never understood it. It's not like the signage and on ramps are any different in Florida than they are in other states I've lived in. But for some reason wrong way drivers continue to wreak havoc here in…

Video: Frightened Dog Rescued From Hurricane Harvey Flood

We found him stranded on a car surrounded by floodwater. But I'm glad to report this dog abandoned by his owners has been rescued! — J.D. Miles (@jdmiles11) August 29, 2017 Every time you sign in to Facebook, there's another video that just makes your jaw drop. The devastation is impossible to describe in…