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Do Your Children Lack These Basic Life Skills?

Marc, Veronica and Kevin talked about the skills children should have by the time they reach 13 years of age. These are all positive, basic things that truly help a child mold character.

Marc's oldest son, Tyler, knows how to do many of these so far. It's never too early to get kids started toward independence.

  1. Cooking a Meal: not necessarily a gourmet, seven course dinner, mind you. But maybe mastering a favorite recipe. Marc's kids like making their own wraps.
  2. Understanding Money: budgets and saving. Easiest way is to teach them how to manage an allowance.
  3. Laundry: if a four year old can use a smartphone, clearly kids reaching 13 years of age can manage a washer and dryer!
  4. Basic Household Chores: not only is teaacing them to vacuum or mow the lawn help them, it'll help you as well!
  5. Grocery Shopping: this goes hand in hand with cooking and money budgeting. This is the place where all of it comes together.
  6. How To Fail: parents cannot bail a child out every time there's an issue. If your child slacks on a school project, they have to learn a lesson on how to fix it themselves.
  7. Managing Stress: Stress is a reality for many people, and it's happening at younger age now. The earlier your kids manage that stress, the healthier they'll grow up.


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