Joe Raedle/Getty Images

More Gas Station Credit Card Skimmers Found In Pinellas County

Why is this still a problem? It seems like it's something that could be able to be avoided so easily, yet people are still getting their credit card numbers stolen around Tampa Bay, but the especially in Pinellas County.

Several of my neighbors in Feather Sound have reported trouble with the Shell station on Ulmerton. And now police have found others in Pinellas County.

The first skimmer found was at the Speedway gas station at 2734 U.S. Alternate 19, in Palm Harbor. The other was at also at a Speedway at 11708 Seminole Blvd. in unincorporated Seminole.

WTSP reports police think they have a suspect in one of the cases who drove off in a black SUV.

Source: WTSP