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Video: Write A Song Wednesday – The Turkey Song

11/16/2016 at 9:29 | Posted by valfaro
Photo Credit: Shani Valencia

It’s another special edition Write A Song Wednesday! Justin Grimes & Gavin Baulac were our featured performers for this Thanksgiving themed tune.

Justin provided an opening line, and our fans called in the rest of the lyrics, line by line. Justin & Gavin then retreated into our green room to create a banjo inspired tune about cooking a turkey for a Thanksgiving feast! Check out the lyrics below, and watch the video of their live, in-studio performance!

Every year I baste my bird with
hugs & kisses & holiday wishes
whiskey… wild turkey
Smoked or roasted but fried is the best
crispy on the outside, nice juicy breast
I shot my turkey in the backyard
Baked my pumpkin pie so good I could fly
My grandmother was supposed to show up with bread
but my sister’s dumb boyfriend showed up instead
At 20 yards he seemed so shy
he never woke up after my arrow did fly

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